The Beginning of Our Love

Kia’s Version

Shaun and I originally met at a BLSA (Black Law Students Association) mixer in Durham, NC. Shaun was involved in a “heated” interaction with another person there at the gathering. After cooling him down and snapping a few pics we went our separate way. 

Some months later I saw Shaun again at another mixer in the Triangle. This time I was surrounded by “spirits” and decided to remind Shaun of his prior interaction with the gentleman in Durham.  I approached him and we laughed and exchanged some jokes and good conversation.

kia and shaunAfter I gave Shaun my number my phone “malfunctioned” and I was unable to answer his calls for a few days.  After a friendly reminder to give me a call, Shaun and I had our first conversation (which lasted three hours on the phone).  

From that point on Shaun took me on our first date two weeks later at the nastiest sushi restaurant in North Carolina. Withstanding this major mishap we continued to begin our road towards friendship and matrimony, never once missing spending each weekend together for almost two years straight.

Shaun has been my motivator, encourager, and my spiritual rock. I look forward to starting out on our New Beginnings…

Shaun’s Version

I will never forget when I saw that beautiful smile for the first time. Kia and I met at a law school and grad student mixer in Durham. Upon entering the party Kia saw my flattering smile and my debonair pose. She quickly approached me and the rest is history.

After Kia went about a week ignoring my phone calls she made one final act of desperation and sent me her information again over Facebook.  I called her and we both laughed and smiled during our three hour first conversation.  From that day on God prepared me to receive my greatest blessing, Kia Narissa Scott!